This blog post is about being proud

I’m totally nervous and excited about next week.  The One of a Kind show starts next Thursday and it’s where I’m launching my line of dessert nut mixes called Posh Nosh.  So much time, energy and money has gone into this exciting launch, so saying that I’m nervous, is a bit of a understatement.

The response could be amazing, or it could be just ok.  There is no way to tell before putting it out there.  

I’ve given it my all!  

I’ve produced almost 1700 packages of Posh Nosh to sell and coordinated every single detail of what the booth looks like, how the flow will be, marketing material and rallying up the troops to help me with set-up and operations during the show.  Some wonderful people have helped me with these details (you all know who you are).   I’m pooped and ready for this show to start and end :)

Although I’m nervous and stressed, I finally have that feeling of pride.  I’m very proud of myself.  This was a big undertaking and I have worked harder than I thought I could (and maybe had a few too many glasses of wine under the stress).  I have given it my all and I am proud of that feeling.  Whatever the response is, the universe will tell me.  That is out of my control.

If you come visit my booth at this holiday show, you might see a tired version of me, but you will also see a huge smile that shows my pride.  

Hope to see you all next week.

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