The past few months.....

Spring and summer are not as busy for gifting as fall and winter, so sales of Posh Nosh have slowed down a little bit.  I’m still selling some, but I don’t have the larger corporate and client gifting opportunities that came in so strong during December, which makes sense.  When you are selling something, it is hard not to get nervous when things get slow (I never got used to slow times in my 15 years as a real estate broker….), but I am trying to have a different outlook. This time around, I have welcomed this breathing time to look at the company as a whole and dedicate some time and attention to other happenings under the No Denial Foods umbrella.  


I have finally gotten myself settled in the new kitchen space and I am involving myself in some new building and neighborhood events, so that I can get to know everyone better.  It has been a joy and pleasure so far!  I participated in my first fundraising market in June (put on by Nikki Darling Confections), in which 50% of the proceeds were donated to three amazing organizations: Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Midwest Access Coalition.  


There was also involvement in the Proud to Run event through my friends at Townie Branding at Montrose Harbor this past weekend, as well as an upcoming event for Shine Fertility.  These are all amazing organizations and events that I am so proud to support!


I have also been working with a power duo in the type 1 diabetes community for an upcoming event (early 2020) for teen girls with type 1 diabetes.  Another opportunity that I am super excited to help with!


Finally, my biggest accomplishment these past few months has been my baking classes.   I have talked about offering classes for a very long time, and now that I have my own kitchen space, I have made it happen!  My first class, on June 2, brought in 4 wonderful women who have been following me in my journey (on-line and from meeting in person at different shows and through mutual friends).  We made scones and cupcakes (a take on my coconut pie recipe).  We had so much fun baking and connecting. One woman even drove down from the Madison, WI area.   These were all people who have an interest in food and want to learn to bake in a more health conscious way!  


I had a few inquiries from parents with kids who love to bake, so yesterday, June 30, I led my first baking class for kids.  It was a blast!  We made almond flour chocolate chip peanut butter-filled pillow cookies.  The recipe had three distinct steps and the kids really had to use their thinking caps and creativity.  Each kid put an amazing spin on his/her creations, so all the cookies turned out differently, but all tasted amazing!  One of the participants also had type 1 diabetes (and also loves sweets), so we had a lot in common to talk about!


As the founder and owner of No Denial Foods, whether it’s creating Posh Nosh, selling it, supporting charitable organizations, or teaching classes and writing recipes, I LOVE IT ALL!!!  I am learning that (for me) I need it all as part of this business, so that I don’t get bored or lose my creativity, love, and zest!

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