The gift of Posh Nosh for Valentine's Day

This January, many people kickstarted their health by participating in certain diets like #whole30 #dryjanuary #weightwatchers #vegan #paleo #keto.  While we think there are some really great aspects to all of these plans, we don’t believe in restricting and denying. Instead, just make smart choices and eat foods that are right for you and foods that are made with nutritious ingredients.

Valentine’s Day used to make me feel emotional and sad because I wasn’t able to eat the sugar-loaded treats that are sold in all the stores.  I haven’t felt that sadness in years because I can now make delicious “sweet” treats for myself that make me feel like I’m indulging, but without all of the sugar and carbs.  Treats I can feel good about eating.
Posh nosh is that “feel-good” treat.  It's sold as a 3-pack and in a cute box with recipe cards and a custom note. The perfect GIFT you can feel good about giving (or treating yourself).
On this Valentine’s Day, give something that food lovers who also value their health will LOVE!  Whether it’s for your mom, friend, lover, or bestie, send them some Posh Nosh. I promise, they will call and thank you!
Don’t deny yourself, keep on noshing!
Want to see what the 3 pack looks like when you gift it?  Watch this video here!
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