The Founder's Story

After sharing my story with so many over the weekend, I thought I would re-introduce myself on-line. I’m Debbie, the founder and owner of No Denial Foods. I’m a food lover who loves sweet treats, unfortunately sweets don’t like me because of my type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a kid (over 30 years ago) and celiac disease as an adult (now 10 years ago). When first going gluten free, I found most of the gluten-free options in the stores were filled with high starch flours and lots of sugar. That didn’t work for me because of my diabetes.

After years of struggling and constantly feeling denied, I needed to find a way to bring sweets back into my life in a more mindful way. I was determined to solve my problem.

The magic happened in my home kitchen over many years.

My creations were rich, delicious and better for you. I found that if you use the richness of nuts with small amounts of natural sugar, the outcome can be amazing.

The validation happened when people started buying my treats before I was selling them. The thing was, most of these people didn’t have food restrictions; they wanted my creations because they were delicious.

Fast forward many years; I now have a private commercial kitchen at The Plant in Chicago and launched my latest and main product line called Posh Nosh (sweet nuts) in December of 2018. I also create grain-free, low-sugar (very rich) pies for Thanksgiving and special occasions for local customers.

I’m so excited about the goodies I create and I personally eat them constantly. They make me happy ❤️

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