Hi, I’m Debbie, the founder of No Denial Foods. I’m a food lover with a sweet tooth, but because of my type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, sometimes my food options are limited.  As I was trying out different recipes and snack combinations, I found that if you combine the richness of nuts with small amounts of natural sweetener, the outcome is rich, delicious and sweet tooth satisfying in a much more health conscious way.  I started creating products for myself that made me really happy and satisfied.  I no longer felt denied.  My friends started to buy my creations before I was selling them and these friends didn’t have food restrictions like me, just loved the delicious taste of the goodies!

Over the years, I have sold pies, cookies, nut butter cups and a dessert nut mix called Posh Nosh.  I’m so proud of what I have created and for the exposure that my goodies have received.  I was featured on the Hungry Hound and Food Navigator in my first year of business!  As a one woman run business, creating and selling the products became too much for me, the toll it took on my health and happiness was big.

At the end of 2019, I decided to stop making and selling my products.  I decided to continue on as more of a resource by sharing helpful tips, recipes and resources that have helped me on my food journey.  I do have future plans to write a cookbook and to lead more cooking classes, but for now, I will stick to this blog!

If you are a health nut with a sweet tooth, like me, you are in the right place and I hope you find value here!

Don’t deny yourself and keep on noshing!